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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Each status that has been set up to apply to a Return to Vendor (RTV) signals the need to perform an action within the workflow. The responsibility to perform that action is monitored in real time. A change of status by a user signals the need for a new action, then passes responsibility to perform that action along the workflow. Jim2 records time/date/initial data on status changes for productivity reports, and to keep a secure quality record for each return.



Using Jim2 Return to Vendor statuses, monitor how successful the return procedure is, or how well users perform.


The choice of status for particular points in the workflow can represent the need for a decision to be made. These decisions can be based on technical, financial or supplier related issues known to staff. Choose which statuses are used to signal that a decision needs to be made, and a choice of status to be used to indicate which resolution was decided.


The following statuses are available to map workflow for RTV's. Others may have been added in the Setup defaults:





This is the default status applied to an RTV when first added. All RTV's begin with this status.


This status signals that the RTV has been cancelled.


This status signals that the RTV is finished. Once the status is set to Finish, the RTV will create the required Transaction Journal entry.



Add a status to match the company's workflow via Tools > Status on the ribbon. The statuses that are underlined cannot be edited or deleted as they perform a function within the application.


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