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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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The Stock List is a very powerful search function within Jim2. Lists are also one of the easiest features to master, and the most practical way of searching for information in Jim2. Users can define their own responsibilities by creating lists that apply to their function.



The Stock List can collate information from jobs, purchase orders, stock movements in real time for cross reference, and use archived data. Jim2 provides for searches on active and inactive stock by ticking/unticking the Active field (top right of form). This allows for monitoring current and historic trends in relation to customers, users, stock and status.


The Stock List includes the ability to flag stock as active or inactive, provided user Security allows it. Simply generate a Stock List based on any selection criteria, right click in the grid, and select Flag Stock as Active or Flag Stock as Inactive from the pop-up menu.



Please be aware that this will mark all the stock in the grid as active or inactive.


Any stock which is not marked as active will show in this list without a tick in the box under the Active column.


advanced stock list


Sorting, searching and grouping are available as per other lists in Jim2. Select the column header in the grid, then drag it to the Group By area to group.


drag stocklist


How to use this list, and the purpose of each of the fields is explained in detail in How to Create a List of Stock.



When viewing stock from a list, click the arrow in the quick access toolbar to move to the next/previous stock code in that list:


downarrow expl


Shortcut keys:

Ctrl+. moves to the next object in the list

Ctrl+, Moves to the previous object in the list


stock list fields

Not all fields are showing in this image


This section explains the field headings in the Stock List fields. Refer to Lists for details on sorting, naming, grouping, etc. The headings may not be strictly in this order, and there may be extra columns depending on the Jim2 version.





Stock code number.


Description of stock as per the stock code.


Unit type, ie. box, each, unit.

On Hand

How much stock is on hand currently.


How much stock is committed to jobs.


How much stock is available to sell.


How much stock is currently on order.


How much stock is currently on back order.

List Inc.

Price including GST.


Weight of the stock, if applicable.

Sell Unit

Selling unit type, ie. box, each, unit.

PO Tax

Tax type on purchase, ie. G.

Sell Tax

Tax type on sell, ie.G.

GL Group

Stock GL Group.


Shows whether the stock is active or inactive.

Price Group

Shows stock in a specific price group. Customer pricing is based on these price groups.

Price Template

As set up in Stock > Price Templates.

Publish Price

Publish to price list, web or both.

Avg Cost

Displays the average cost for the stock.

Last Cost

Displays the last cost for the stock.


Right click options in the Stock List

rc stok list


Right Click Option



View the highlighted stock.


Edit the highlighted stock.

Delete Current Stock

Delete the highlighted stock.

Delete All Stock In List

Delete all the stock in the list.

Flag All Stock As Active

Flag All Stock as InActive

Change all stock in the list to Active.

Change all stock in the list to Inactive.


This will mark all the stock in the grid as active or inactive.

Apply Price Template to Current

Allows changing the price template used for the highlighted stock.

Apply Price Template to All

Allows changing the price template used for all the stock in the list.

Add Stock to Price Group

Applies price group to all stock in the list.

Add Stock to Non Report Group

Adds all stock in the list to the non report group selected.

Set Stock to Non Report Group

Adds whatever stock is in the list to the non report group, and removes any stock that was in the group that is not in the list.

Export Procurement Data

Exports procurement data for the list to a spreadsheet.

Export Vendor Pricing Data

Exports vendor pricing for the list to a spreadsheet.

Export Pricing Data

Exports pricing information for the list to a spreadsheet.

Export Data

Exports data from the grid to a spreadsheet file.

Export Grid

Exports the grid to a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful if the grid has more than one header row, as it will export all header rows.


Print the list.

Print Preview

Preview the list to be printed.

Copy Cell

Copy the highlighted cell.

Copy Row

Copy the highlighted row.

Copy All

Copy all, which can then be pasted into a spreadsheet

Show Find panel

Opens the Find panel:


find box



The Find panel will remain in a pinned list but will disappear from an unpinned list on log off.

Grid Columns...

Allows adding more columns. Also allows removal of columns. Select the column to add, then drag it to the position required in the columns within the grid. To remove, click and drag to the Grid Columns... window, or drag down away from the header area.


Right click options in the Nav Tree

rc stock navtree


After the top 3 (which are self explanatory), these options mirror what is on the ribbon in the Stock tab, except for the last tab, which will Reset to Default all tabs.


Further information

Create a Stock List