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Email Archive – Setup Configuration

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Where Are Archived Emails Stored?

Archived emails are exported to an xml file with the following naming convention: Archive_DBName_YYYYMMDD_X.xml (eg. Archive_Jim_Test_20121121_1.xml)


The folder in which archive files are written, along with how often email is archived, is configured via Jim2 eBusiness Server (Jes).


To set this up, on your server:

Run the Jim2 Configuration Manager (Jim2CM.exe).

Select the Jes instance that you want to configure.

Right click and select Configure.

Select the Modules tab and select Core.

jes modules core
email jes configure

These parameters need to be updated by typing data into the Value fields, as in the examples below.

Jes Core Parameter

Value (Example)




The path to a folder where email archive files will be written. This needs to be a valid path accessible via your Jim2 server.



The first date and time that emails should be archived. The format is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss+00:00.



The number of days between archiving operations.


Note: You can always go into the Archive Rules screen and click Run Archive Rules now.


archive rules icon


run archive now


Further information: