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Add Stock to a Sales or Service Item

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add stock to Item



You can also add Labour stock types here, which will ensure that labour is added to any job that uses this Item type.

1.Select the Stock tab at the bottom of the Item form. Click Edit.


If adding multiple stock lines to the grid, at the end of the line pressing the Enter key will take you to the next line in the grid, ready to insert another stock code.

2.To add stock to an Item, move to the Stock Code field of the stock selection grid, and select stock in one of the following ways:

Start typing the stock code. Jim2's intuitive type will pre-empt your choice of stock codes from its database as you type each letter.

Select the stock code ellipsis [...] which will bring up the Stock Select screen. From here you can view the price and stock levels, and select the quantity required.


Pressing F5 when the cursor is in the Stock Code field will also open this lookup screen.

With the cursor positioned in the Stock Code field, scan the stock's barcode to automatically add the correct stock code.


The Stock Select screen allows you to locate and select the stock that you want to add to the Item. You can use the Stock Code and/or Description fields to enter a code, a description or a partial code/description (and opt to include description in the search) and click Run. Now only stock which fits the criteria will be shown. If you then clear the fields and click Run, all stock will be shown again.

3.Once you have selected the stock, the stock Description field will be filled in automatically with the default value. You may need to move the cursor to the Description field in order to see this information.    

4.If the quantity was not set when in the Stock Select screen, enter the amount required for the Item in the Qty field. If necessary, also select the unit measure of the stock.


Tick the Use Price box if you have edited the price level pricing and want to use this new pricing for stock attached to this Item.

5.Select the price level that will apply to the stock, or leave it blank and it will default to those already set up in stock and customer card files. If desired, you may override this default information simply by using the Tab key or mouse to move the cursor to that field, highlight the value and change it.

6.To save time when entering multiple Items of a similar nature, click Create Similar, then tick the fields that you want copied to the new Item and click OK.

create similar dialog



If you tick Auto Add, stock that applies to an Item will be added automatically to the stock grid of a job every time when that Item is used in the job.


autoadd stock to item


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