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View or Edit an Item

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Regardless of which object or form is currently in view, you can open an Item record for viewing or editing. The Item object can be opened in either one of these ways:

Select the Items tab in the ribbon, then select View/Edit Item.  

Right click on Items in the Nav Tree at the left of screen and then select View/Edit Item.  


The following Item code screen will open.


view or edit item


Enter the Item code that you want to use and choose either View or Edit.


If you are unsure of the exact Item code, you can search for it in one of the following ways.

Start typing the Item code. Jim2's intuitive type will pre-empt your choice of Item codes from its database as you type each letter.

Select the Item code ellipsis [...] which will bring up an Item list search screen. From here you can enter a search term and then press Run.


Pressing F5 when the cursor is in the Item Code field will also open this search screen.


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