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Add Stock to a Manufacturing Item

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add stock to mfr item1

1.Select the Stock tab at the bottom of the Item form and then click Edit.


If adding multiple stock lines to the grid, pressing the Enter key will take you to the next line in the grid, ready to insert another stock code.

2.To add stock to an Item, move to the Stock Code field of the stock selection grid and select the stock in one of the following ways:

Start typing the stock code. Jim2's intuitive type will pre-empt your choice of stock codes from its database as you type each letter.

Select the stock code ellipsis [...] to bring up the Stock Select screen. From here you can view the price and stock levels and make your selection.


Pressing F5 when the cursor is in the Stock Code field will also open this lookup screen.

With the cursor positioned in the Stock Code field, scan the stock's barcode to automatically add the correct stock code.


You cannot add manufacturing type stock to another single level manufacturing Item or single level manufacturing job. You can add multilevel manufacturing type stock to another multilevel manufacturing Item or job.


The Stock Select screen allows you to locate and select the stock that you want to add to the Item. You can use the Stock Code and/or Description fields to enter a code, a description or a partial code/description, then click Run. Now, only stock which fits the criteria will be shown. If you then clear the fields and click Run, all stock will be shown again.

3.Enter the quantity required to manufacture the stock.

4.The Avg Cost field will show the average cost of the manufactured product. Non depleting stock will not show any Avg Cost, as non depleting stock used in manufacturing stock is not included in the cost of the manufactured product.



You can select the Stock tab at the bottom of the form, and right click within the stock grid which allows you to copy stock from another Item.


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