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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Item Form Tabs

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The following tabs, located at the bottom of the Item form, provide access to the following information for that Item.



The level of access you will have is dependent upon your Security settings.




Item footer

The Item tab will bring up the user selection grid, where the users that are able to sell or service this Item are recorded. When opening any Item, this is the active tab.


item user grid


Note: Manufactured Items are not created via Items. Once you have created your Manufactured stock and saved it, Jim2 will create the Manufactured Item.

Item stock footer

The Stock tab will show the stock selection grid. This is the area where users record any stock that they are assigning to that Item.


item stock grid1


Any stock entered here will automatically populate the stock grid of a job using this Item code.


Note: Some Items also have an Auto Add tickbox. If the box is ticked, that stock will be automatically added to every job using this Item, whereas unticked allows stock to be available for selection from a list.

Item docs footer

The Documents tab will show you all documents attached to the Item.

Items watchouts footer

The Watchouts tab will allow you to add, edit, view or delete watchouts relating to the Item.

Item notes footer

The Notes tab will allow you to add, edit, view or delete notes relating to the Item.


Note: You can add as many notes as you wish, and the character limit of the Notes field is 2,147,483,645.


The following features are located as buttons within an Item form.




Button - Create Similar

If you are adding multiple Items that are very similar, use this option rather than creating each Item individually. This feature allows you to create Items with duplicate information on certain fields, eg. stock.


Items create similar


Note: You cannot Create Similar on a Manufacturing Item. You need to create similar via the stock code. When you save the new stock code, it will generate the new Item code.

Button - Cancel

If editing, Cancel will ignore all changes made and leave the Item in view mode. If adding, Cancel will abort adding this Item.

Button - Save

All edits result in a change to the information in the Item form. By clicking Save, all changes made in that session of editing the Item will be saved, and the Item will remain in the Nav Tree.

Button - Save & Close

By clicking Save & Close, all changes made in that session of editing the Item will be saved, and the Item itself will be closed from view, and from the Nav Tree.

Button - Edit (Plain)

By clicking Edit, you will be able to make changes on the Item form. All changes made in that session of editing will not be saved until you click Save or Save & Close.

Button - Close

By clicking Close, you will close the current Item form.


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