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Stocktake Count Modes

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Jim2 allows you to count stock in three distinct ways, depending on the type of stock involved and your business requirements. The default count method is specified in Tools > Options > Stock, but can be overridden at any time within a Stocktake session.


Count Mode


List Mode


List mode is the traditional way of doing a stocktake. First, generate a Stocktake list, hand out the count sheets, then enter the counts straight off the handwritten stock count sheets. Clicking Add Count will pop up the stock count form, defaulting to the currently focused stock code in the session. Simply enter the count and press Enter. The count will be added to the session and you then continue this process until all stock is counted.

Scan & Count

Scan & Count mode enables barcode scanning of the stock. Clicking on Add Count displays the Stock Count form with the cursor on the Stock Code field, ready for you to type or scan either the stock code or a barcode. The focus then automatically moves to the Counted Now field, ready for you to enter the count and press Enter, ready for the next count.

Auto Scan

Auto Scan mode allows for full barcode scanning of stock, straight into the stocktake session. This allows for complete scanning of stock with little or no keyboard interaction. For example, in a retail environment you could simply walk around the store scanning barcodes, and the count will automatically increment by one. As this is intended to be a keyboard free process, and since each scan increments by one, it is important that those doing the counting scan every piece of stock.



Physical counting, using any of the above modes, can be improved by using wireless notebooks or tablet PCs with an attached Barcode Scanner.


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