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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Once sheets are returned with the stock counts, they will need to be entered into Jim2.


Open the stocktake session by going to Stock > Stocktake, then click Run. Now select the session that you want to work on and double click it, or use the View button at the bottom of the screen. The chosen stocktake session will open in View mode.


Click Add Count. The Add Count input screen appears for the first line of stock.


Stocktake Add Count



If you have worked on this particular session previously and have some items already confirmed, you will need to select the first stock line for which the count has not yet been entered. Jim2 supports multiple counts, ie. stock counted from different areas.


If you generate a Stock List and don't tick Include Stock with zero Qty, during the counting process you may find stock which is not on the Stocktake list. To record this stock, simply click Add Count, then enter the Stock Code (this must be a stock code already in Jim2) and press enter. Jim2 will add the word New. If the stock is not already in Jim2, you can add the stock, then go back to the Stocktake session and continue as above. This will create a new line in the Stocktake session.


add count new code


Key the counted quantity into the Counted Now field, however see important note below regarding certain stock types.


If stock has serial numbers, you will need to confirm and tick them here:


stocktake serial nos


Press Enter to add count and move to the next line of stock. When the end of the stock list is reached, a screen (No more records found) will be displayed. Click OK to close this screen. Correct stock lines are automatically confirmed (ticked and displayed in black text on a green background). Incorrect stock lines are unconfirmed (displayed in red text on a white background). Click Edit and change the status to Finish.


Incorrect lines


Notes about counts, including the counting of serialised stock:

If counters find extra stock in their allocated count area, which is not on their count sheet, they should add it to their sheet, giving stock code, description and quantity. Stock added manually to the count sheets can then be added to the stocktake session by simply overriding the stock code on the Stock Count form and adding the counted quantity.

Stock which is listed on the count sheet, but which can't be found, should be entered as Qty Counted zero (0). That line of text in the Stocktake Session will be coloured red. If you are happy with the variance, you can go ahead and tick the tick box. When you select the status of Finish, a back order will be created.

If it is necessary to have more than one person counting the same stock in different locations, ie. multiple count sheets, additional counts can be included later, before Finish. See Edit Count.

If serialised stock is included in the session, and Strict Serial Scan is enabled, serial number(s) will be required to be confirmed on the serial tab of the stock count form. See warning below.


Stock which has serial numbers, attributes, or is special stock



If you are currently entering a count for Special stock, or for stock which requires Serial# or Attributes, you will see an extra tab at the top of the Add Count screen (see examples below). It is highly recommended that you select that tab and enter the required information there, not in the normal Stock Count screen. This will update the Stock Count screen. If you don't enter the count there, there are some circumstances where you might receive error messages when you try to confirm this stock. If this happens see the stocktake troubleshooting section.


add count serials


In the example shown here, the stock has attributes (in this case colour), so the form's second tab should be used for data entry.


add count attributes



To reiterate the warning above, remember that for any Add Count screen displaying more than one tab, it is recommended that you do not enter counts within the first tab. Although there are some exceptions to this, it's best if you select the second tab and enter the count(s) there, otherwise you might run into trouble when you try to confirm the count(s). Should you forget to do this, and find that you can't confirm some stock, please refer to the Stocktake FAQ section for advice.


Auto Add Count and Confirm

This time-saving feature saves you from having to confirm each line of stock individually, where the counted quantity equals the session quantity for the whole session, or alternatively, where the majority of the count is okay.



This is controlled by Security and is only made available as required.


Where Your Stock Count Sheets Show No Discrepancies

1.Open the stocktake session in View mode.

2.Right click on the stocktake session and select Auto Add Count and Confirm.

3.This will automatically make all counts match the Stock On Hand Qty, then mark them as Confirmed (black text on green).

4.Edit the session, change the status to Finish, then save and close.



In the above situation, because all of the counts are equal to the stock on hand, it may seem tempting to simply mark the session as Cancel. However, while this is expedient, it defeats the integrity of your overall stock control process. Instead, even where all counts are equal to the stock on hand, it is best practice to complete the session by Auto Add Count and Confirm, because that will create an audit trail of the stocktake session, showing that all stock was in fact counted, and no discrepancies were found.


Where Your Stock Count Sheets Show Few Discrepancies

As long as you are careful, you can still use Auto Add Count and Confirm in this situation.

1.Open the stocktake session in View mode.

2.Scroll down until you find the first stock item for which there is a discrepancy.

3.Click Add Count and enter the count for this stock. Click OK, then click Cancel.

4.Find the next discrepancy in the stock list and repeat Step 3.


When the Count For all Discrepancies has Been Entered:

1.Right click on the stocktake session and select Auto Add Count and Confirm.

5.This will automatically make all counts not in discrepancy match the Stock On Hand Qty, and mark them as Confirmed (black text on green).

6.Now, edit the session and manually confirm each stock that's in discrepancy (red text on green).

7.Finally, change the status to Finish, then save and close.



A stock adjustment will be created for the discrepancies. You must finish this, in order to adjust your stock levels correctly.


Text colour



Include in Stock Adjustment



Count confirmed

Count matches




Count confirmed

Count does not match

Positive count will create a stock adjustment Qty +

Negative count will create a stock adjustment Qty --


Further information: