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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

view creditor


The header of a creditor form records information relating to the vendor.




Card Code

The vendor card code. The vendor and their address will appear under the Card Code field. Hovering over the words Card Code will change to a hyperlink that will open the vendor's cardfile.


The date of the entry. This will default to today and can be changed to any date.


The type of entry – payment, prepayment, refund, bad debts, discount, account fee, creditors adjustment up or down.

GL Acc.

General ledger bank account when entering a creditor payment – select the bank account being paid from. Clicking on the wording GL Acc. will open the general ledger to allow selection of the account.

Payment By

Payment type – cash, cheque, etc.

Cheque No

Displays the next available cheque number, depending on general ledger bank account and payment type.


The amount of the entry.


This field will only appear when entering a creditors adjustment up or down, and a tax code must be selected.


Enter a comment for the transaction.

Follow Up

If the Notes tab for this vendor includes comments with a follow-up date, the follow-up date is coloured black until the date is reached or passed, then it is displayed in red text. Click the ellipsis [...] to add a note. If there are no notes, go to the Notes tab at the foot of the screen to add any.


notes tab2

Amount Overdue *

The amount owed that is past the due date.

Amount Owed *

The amount owing on this vendor's account before any credits.

Credit *

The balance of any credit entries that are not yet applied to a purchase.

Prepayments *

The balance of any prepayments that are not yet applied to a purchase.

Account Bal. *

The total balance outstanding for the vendor's account including any credits or prepayments not applied to purchases.

Account Bal.

The total balance outstanding for the vendor's account, including any credits or prepayments not applied to purchases.

GL Acc. Bal.

The balance of the general ledger account entered in the transaction, ie. the bank balance (shows when in Edit mode).

Change Filter

This allows filtering the view on the grid by various criteria, which is especially useful for those central billing sites.


change filter on creditor


Along the bottom of the form you will see the following:

Allocate Payments


Documents tab

Notes tab


Right click options


RC creditor


Right Click Option


Apply to Purchase

View the highlighted object.

Auto Payment

If the entry is part of a bank reconciliation, you can view that reconciliation.

Recalculate Discount

View the highlighted transaction journal

Clear Payments

Click to show those amounts using 4 decimal places

View Purchase #

Exports data from the grid to a spreadsheet file.


Expand will show entries below the line, collapse will hide them.

Export Data

Export data to a spreadsheet.


Prints everything within the grid.

Print Preview

Preview how the list will be printed. Within this area you can change the orientation of the page. For instance, if there are more columns than will fit on a portrait page, change it to landscape.


Copy the highlighted cell.

Copy Row

Copy the entire highlighted row.

Copy All

Copy all, which can then be pasted into a spreadsheet


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