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Customer Stock Feeds

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customer feeds


Customer Stock Feeds allow for automated individual stock feeds to be sent to your customers, or to be dropped into a specific directory. There are various use cases for Customer Stock Feeds including:

Emailing feeds to customers

Updating websites

Updating external branches

Updating additional companies.


The feed format used is the generic XML format.


Setup is via Jim2 Configuration Manager:

Open Jim2 Configuration Manager (Jim2CM.exe).

Select the related Jes instance and right click Configure, or go to Action > Configure on the ribbon.

Click Add and select the StockFeedOut module.

Change the RunHourOfDay parameter to suit your purpose.


stockfeed out


Once set up, you can send automated feeds, including pricing and availability to your customers.


customer stockfeed


To add a new feed, enter the following:





The card file of the customer you wish to send the stock feed to. Pricing will be based on this, including customer-specific pricing.

Email From Address

Enter the email address from which the feed will be sent.

Email To Address

Enter the email address to which the feed will be sent.

Email Template

Choose an email template to base the feed email on.


The frequency you wish to send the feed. Select from Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Stock Locations

The stock locations you wish to use for stock on hand quantities.


Select whether to send via email, or from a specific directory.

Zip Password

The feed will be attached as a zip file. You can specify a password to encrypt the zip here if required.


Enter the directory where the feeds are to be placed if you are using this method, rather than the email method.

Next Feed Date

The next date a feed is due to occur.

Email Archive Rule

Choose which archive rule to run on sending.


Choose from:

List, which will export any stock that is marked Price List and/or Price List & Web.

Web, which will export any stock that is marked Web and/or Price List & Web.

List & Web, which will export all stock that is not marked as Don't Publish.

Generate Now

Select Generate Now to send a feed immediately, or adjust the Next Feed Date as required..


save datafeeds


You can check that emails have been sent by checking the System Sent email list.



Security can be set up to allow/disallow users to view customer stock feeds.


Further information: