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eBusiness and the Publish Price to Options

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Within each stock record, the Details tab has a Publish Price to option.


publish price list and web


Most records are set to Price List & Web by default.


Generally, Price List is used for information to include in printed or report-based exports that are provided to customers, and Web is used for eBusiness stock feeds.



Note: To be able to view stock on Jim2 Mobile, Price List & Web must be selected.


Price list and web


To have all stock set to Price List, and only a smaller subset that go out via the automated eBusiness feeds, the recommended procedure is:

1.All stock is updated to Price List (or Don't publish). If there are a lot of stock records, this is more easily achieved via a SQL statement at the back end, which Happen Business can provide or perform. Please email if this is required.

2.Stock that is to be included in both Price List and Web is updated to Price List & Web.

3.Stock that is only to go out via the eBusiness feed is updated to Web.


Once the data has been updated, update the eBusiness stock feed filter via the Customer Stock Feeds icon on the ribbon as appropriate:


customer stock feeds



Selecting List will export any stock that is marked Price List and/or Price List & Web.


Selecting Web will export any stock that is marked Web and/or Price List & Web.

List & Web

Selecting List & Web will export all stock except those marked as Don't Publish.


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