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eBusiness Transactions

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ebusiness transactions


eBusiness Transactions allow you to view eBusiness transactions that have already been processed, or which are currently being processed. You can access eBusiness Transactions from the eBusiness tab in the ribbon, or right click on eBusiness in the Nav Tree. Across the top of the form you will see two tabs: InBound Queue and OutBound Queue.


When eBusiness transactions take place, ie. when an electronic purchase order is placed with a vendor (via the eSend button at the bottom of the purchase order), it is sent to the OutBound Queue. It is then processed by Jim2 eBusiness Server, which attempts to deliver it to your vendor. If this fails for some reason, eg. the internet is down, the transaction will remain active in the queue and will be re-submitted later. By default, only unprocessed transactions are displayed. Click Include Processed Transactions to view all eBusiness transactions.


ebusiness transactions screen


Sorting, searching and grouping are all available as per other lists in Jim2. Click on the column header in the grid you wish to sort, then drag it to the Group By area to group.


ebusiness drag


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