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Print a GL Transaction Report

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This section explains how to print general ledger transactions for a single GL account, or a range of GL accounts for a specific date range.


Go to Accounts > Account Inquiry, then select a GL account and select a Doc.Date range, and click Run to populate the grid.


account inquiry


Go to the Report section in the ribbon:


print gl report


Choose the type of account inquiry you require, then select Preview or Print.


Export a Report (Print to File)


Select the Print icon next to the report.


print to file from reports menu

Not all types are shown here


Tick Print to File, select the type of file you wish to produce, then select where you would like to save the file. In this instance, we have chosen to produce a PDF file:


You can then email this as required.


List of formats available:

Archive File

Text File

Report Emulation Text File

PDF File

Bitmap File


GIF File


PNG File

PDF/A File

RTF File

Word (doc) File

Word (doc) Form File

XLS Data File

XLS Report file

Xlsx Data File

Xlsx Report File



Further information: