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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Promotion Type must be selected. It determines who or what the promotion applies to. Once selected, one or more promotion recipients can also be selected based on the Promotion Type selected.


promo type


Promotion Type




Promotion applies to everyone

This could be considered a general promotion that applies to all customers.


Promotion applies to one or more card files

A customer-specific promotion. As this can be based on a start/end date, this is useful for pricing contracts and bids. A card file based promotion is also a useful and more flexible way to implement customer-specific pricing based on a pricing contract, rather than the traditional method of adding customer-specific pricing at a stock level.


The only limitation here is that the price calculation method is Fixed Price.

CardFile Group

Promotion applies to all card files in the selected Non Report or Region CardFile Groups

This type is useful in instances where it makes sense not to have to specify individual card files or price levels. For example, a buying group or franchise that you deal with, basing a promotion on a region, or even a promotion code.

Price Level

Promotion applies to all card files with the selected price level(s)

A price level promotion is useful when you want to create a promotion that is applicable to, say, retail customers only. Another use case is with MS/MPS customers where you want to pick up a price based on the project's price level.


Promotion applies to one or more selected project(s).

Use project-type promotions where you want to supply specific stock to a project at a specific price. For example, under and MS/MPS project where you want to supply a toner at a specific price.


Once the Promotion Type has been selected, the promotion recipients can then be selected.


promo recipients


You can add as many recipients as you wish here by pressing enter after each addition.


The data entered into promotion pricing recipients depends on the promotion Type selected. If the promotion type is Everyone, no recipients are required.


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