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Documents and objects

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Most Jim2 objects support linked documents. This is useful for attaching documents that are specific to the object, for example:

a picture of a faulty product linked to a service job (ie. attach a photo to a job)

a signed service report linked to a service job

a signed delivery docket linked to a sales job

a product picture linked to stock

a network diagram linked to a project

a signed acceptance form linked to a quote

a document linked to a cardfile

in fact, any type of file linked to almost anything.


A document in Jim2 is a standalone document, and it can be linked to one, many or no Jim2 objects.


Add a document to an object via drag and drop

View the object, then drag and drop the file (from the drive/network) directly onto it.


See Add a Document for more detailed information.


A document added in this way would normally be flagged as Hidden, meaning that it won't be displayed in a document list, unless the Show Hidden icon is clicked on the ribbon.


show hidden


_Documents Tab Showing Qty

Once added, the document will be accessible via that job’s Documents tab (in the footer). A number will be displayed on the tab to show the number of documents linked to the job. That number will increase as more documents are added to the job.


Add or link an existing document to an object using the Document tab

Manually add or link to an existing document directly from the object's Documents tab.


Unlink/delete a document from an object

Unlink a document (ie. remove the link) or delete a document from an object.


See Add or Link Existing Document for more detailed information.



Use caution if deleting a document as it may be linked to other objects aside from the one currently being viewed.


Documents related to an object

When viewing an object (job, quote, etc.), all documents related to that object are available from the object’s Documents tab.


docs on objects


Additional documents related to objects:


Jim2 object

Documents available from object’s Documents tab





Linked Quote

Previous Job

All Cardfile Documents







Linked Expense

Linked Job




Master Project



Manufacturing Item

Service Item



Stock (if linked)

Related Service or Manufacturing Item



Since all documents are stored within the Jim2 database, the Jim2 backup file size will increase accordingly. See Database Size Maintenance for more information.