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Folders, Groups, etc.

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document group management


Documents make use of Groups as used in card files, stock, etc. with a slight variation – report groups are basically regarded as folders. The concept of a folder is explained in detail under Document lists.


Document folders, tags and categories are managed via Tools > Groups > Document Groups.


Folders are similar to standard report groups and can be up to five levels deep. Much like file folders under Windows, a document can only be in one folder at a time.


Example folders:

Sales > Stock > Images

Service > Tech > Manuals


Tags are much the same as non report groups. Documents can have multiple tags.


Example tags:




Category is much the same as brand or region. A document can only be in one category.


Example categories:





You can also import non report groups from an XLSX file.



Since all documents are stored inside your Jim2 database, your Jim2 backup file size will increase accordingly. See Database Size Maintenance for more information.


Further information: