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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Configure Jim2 Mobile v2

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The follow instructions assist customers licensed to run Jim2 On Premises to set up their connection to Jim2 Mobile. Jim2 is compatible with iOS7.1 or later.


Before starting the following is required:

The Happen Cloud Account ID number provided in the Jim2 Licence Key email.

Access to the Jim2 Configuration Manager.

Access to the Apple App Store on the iOS device(s).


A Jim2 Licence Key email will be sent from Happen Business, which includes an overview of the current licences, plus the Happen Cloud Account ID required to set up Jim2 Mobile.


After setting up the Cloud Access ID, complete the following steps to connect the Jim2 database with Jim2 Mobile.


Upgrade Jim2 Client (Desktop) to the Latest Release Available

Visit (copy and paste into a browser) to update to the latest Jim2 version available. This ensures that access is available to all the latest features of the mobile app.


Set up Cloud Services Jes Module on Jim2 Server

Using the Jim2 Configuration Manager (Jim2CM.exe), add the Cloud Services module to the Jes configuration.


Config Cloud setup


Select CloudServices and choose Cloud Setup.


cloud services setup


With the Happen Cloud Access ID screen open, tap New to create the Happen Cloud Access ID number.


Cloud setup


The following screen will be displayed.


set up cloud access


Enter the Happen Cloud Account ID number (provided in the Jim2 Licence Key email).


This will create the Happen Cloud Access ID number (ready to enter into the Jim2 Mobile app) and ask for a password to be created.



Please remember this password! Happen Business cannot provide this password.


Select Cloud Services and click Enable.


enable cloud services


This will change Enable to Disable. To disable mobile access for any reason, tap Disable.



For the second and subsequent times using the Happen Cloud Account ID, this password will need to be re-entered. It is important to remember this password as Happen Business cannot provide this.


The Happen Cloud Access ID has now been created, ready to enter into the Jim2 Mobile app.



Watchouts do not currently work with Jim2 Mobile.


Jim2 Server configuration to allow Jim2 Mobile app to use Jim2 licences that are available


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