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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Jim2.Cloud Access for Android

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Download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Google Play Store and install.


Tap the + sign at the top right of screen.


launch ipad Microsoft Remote Desktop


Select Remote Resources to add a new RemoteApp configuration.


Enter the following URL: then select Choose User Account.


enter url on ipad


Select Add User Account.


ipad user account


Enter the Jim2.Cloud username and password you have been provided.


ipad username and password


Select Save (top right). Select the Apps tab, and you should see Jim2.Cloud here.


Jim2 on ipad


Select the Jim2.Cloud icon, which will take you to the familiar Jim2 logon screen.


ipad jim2 logon


Select the keyboard icon at the top of the screen to bring up the keyboard, then enter your normal Jim2 initials/username and password, or the SYS details provided to you by our Implementation Team. Select the keyboard icon again to remove the keyboard.


You are now using Jim2.Cloud.


Further information: