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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Jim2.Cloud Setup and Access for PC

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Download the Jim2.Cloud Remote App Client for PC latest build from (copy and paste into your web browser).


Once you have downloaded the Jim2.Cloud Client Setup, double click to run the Setup Wizard.


Cloud Setup1


The Jim2.Cloud Client will be saved to your Program Files directory, and a shortcut will be added to your start menu and the desktop.


cloud setup 2


Click Next.


Cloud Setup3


Click Install.


Cloud Setup4


The Jim2.Cloud Client will install on your computer. Click Finish to exit the Wizard.


Cloud Setup5


You will now see the Jim2.Cloud Client shortcut on your desktop.


Cloud Client Desktop


Double click the Jim2.Cloud Client on your desktop. You will be presented with the following to log on:


change password cloud



Select the key symbol if you wish to change the password.


To save your logon and/or password details, go to Settings and tick the option appropriate to you.


save credentials


Enter the username and password supplied by Happen Business, and you will be presented with the following to start Jim2:


start jim2 cloud (1)


Double click the Jim2.Cloud icon to launch Jim2. You will be presented with the familiar Jim2 Logon screen. Enter your normal Jim2 initials/username and password, or the SYS details provided to you by our Implementation Team.


You are now using Jim2. Cloud.


The Jim2.Cloud client is fully portable. It can be copied to a USB and run as required from any computer.


Further information: