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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Print a Purchase/Expense Order

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Once a purchase/expense order has been created, choose to either fax, email, print or print preview any of the available purchase reports.

1.Search for the purchase to print by either:

purchases in the ribbon

Clicking View/Edit Purchase on the ribbon, or

Clicking Create List on the ribbon.        

2.Once the purchase is on screen, select the Report menu on the ribbon to choose which purchase report to use.

print PO


Jim2 is supplied with standard purchase order reports suited to most businesses. Other purchase order reports can be designed via the Jim2 Report Designer.

3.Once the report has been chosen, select the print option to use.


Fax, email, print or print preview any of Jim2 Reports by selecting the appropriate icon in the Print Toolbar. A standard Windows print option list will appear, showing the print default device set for the workstation, and any other print option available (as defined in Jim2 Options). An alternate print option can be made by choosing from that list.


Within this window, also elect to export to a spreadsheet, PDF, etc.


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