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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

new email


Composing and sending an email in Jim2 will be a familiar experience for anyone who has written an email before.


The following keyboard shortcuts are available:




Ctrl + Enter

Send Email

Ctrl + Delete


delete email address

Delete memorised email address when in the To: field


Highlight the incorrect email address in the To: drop-down list and select the x to remove it.

Ctrl+Alt+ Mouse Scroll Wheel

Change the size of the view in the body


When typing an email address into the To:, CC:, or BCC:, Jim2 will suggest email addresses for you.


to in email


The drop-down options in From: will show what email accounts this email can be sent from. By default, the Jim2 user's email address will be selected (as set up on the user card file), unless there is an Email Editor Rule in place. You can also pick from addresses as set up in Tools > Setups > Email Accounts. The address used in the From: signals to Jes how to send the email, either via the SMTP server as defined in setups, otherwise it will fall back to the defaults in Email Options


Further information:


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Email Options


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