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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

In Jim2, an invoice is generated from a nominated report. When creating an invoice, Jim2 uses the information entered in the Job screen combined with information and calculation methods derived from the card file of that customer. Additional invoice defaults can be set up in Job Options.


There are a selection of invoice reports supplied with Jim2 – you can design your own using Report Designer as well.


You can personalise your invoices by either:

1.Typing a specific message(s) in the Invoice Desc. field in the Job header. This message will only apply to that job; and/or

invoice description

2.Typing a message in the Invoice Memo field in the Job Options tab, accessed via Tools > Options > Job > Invoice. This message will appear on all invoices in the lower left-hand memo field. Typically, a memo of this sort would be a general marketing message or appropriate seasonal greeting. It could also be where you enter bank details for direct deposit purposes.

invoice memo field
personalised invoice


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