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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

When Jim2 creates an invoice, you can print immediately but send at a later stage if desired.


On the Customer tab of the customer card file, Send Invoice via should be set to Email. You can also send statements the same way. Simply change the Send Statement via to Email as well.


send via email


When you invoice a job, you will see under Print Invoice that Print equates to Email.


email invoice


You will be presented with an email window and the invoice will be attached. You can set up a standard Email template for invoicing, which will always be used when emailing invoices, and saves you having to enter information into the body of the email each time you send an email.


Email will send invoice and print 1 copy if Printer 2 is set up to print 1. If not, Email will send only.


Attaching Other Documents to Invoice Email

In the Email screen under Home, select Attach from file, and add whichever documents you require.


If you would like a document to be automatically attached when the invoice email is generated, you would need to add the document to the appropriate email template.


invoice email with attachment


You can then update the Editor Rules to use that template when generating the invoice email.


editor rule for invoice email


Nominate Multiple Email Contacts for Invoicing, Statements, Purchases, etc.

When emailing out of Jim2, a hint is passed through indicating who should receive that email. For example, Email Invoices or Email Statements. You can add these Email contact types to multiple card file contacts and the email will be sent to all those contacts.


For example: CardFile SAMPLE


Contact 1:        John Smith        Email Invoice

Contact 2:        Mary Brown        Email Invoice


In the above example, invoices will be emailed to both John and Mary.


The following email types support this functionality:

Email Accounts

Email Creditors

Email Debtors

Email Invoices

Email Photocopier

Email Purchases.


Further information: