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Unprint an Invoice and Reverse Payment

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An invoice adds vital accounting information to your company records in terms of stock, profit, debtors and turnover. Jim2 gathers the information from invoices (as well as purchases, returns to vendors, returns from customers and payments) and creates entries into your transaction journal which updates your general ledger.



It is preferable to process a Return From Customer to offset the invoice, then re-invoice if necessary. Unprinting an invoice should be used as a last resort and users should consider all ramifications of proceeding with an unprint.


Unprint is only suggested for recently created invoices with minor errors.



Unprinting aged invoices can impact on GST BAS reporting.


The following circumstances will not allow you to unprint an invoice:

A return from customer has been entered for that invoice.

The related period is closed.

The invoice is in a previous financial year (this is calculated using information in Options, not the current date).


Jim2 will produce a warning for users attempting to unprint an invoice if the invoice is in a previous BAS/GST period.

1.From the Jobs tab, select the Unprint icon.

unprint invoice icon

2.The Unprint Invoice screen will be displayed. Enter the invoice number to be unprinted, and click OK. If the invoice has been paid, you can also choose to reverse the payment. If you reverse the payment it will be removed from unbanked funds. If you do not reverse the payment, it will automatically be unallocated and saved as an unapplied credit.

unprint invoice no

3.The unprint invoice warning screen is displayed with details of the invoice, checking that this is the invoice you want to re-edit or cancel. If the details are correct, click Yes.

unprint invoice warning

4.A confirmation will be displayed – click OK. The general ledger, stock and debtors records will now be updated by Jim2.

invoice unprinted


When an invoice has been unprinted, the job will revert to Ready. You will need to make the job Active before you can edit it.


You can also find the invoice number via the transaction journal, and this will also show you the job number.


invoice via transaction



You cannot unprint an invoice if it is part of a Commission Session. You must first undo the Commission Session.


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