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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

po stock grid

1.You must first select the stock grid on the PO to be able to enter the quantity supplied from the vendor in the Received field of the stock grid by either:

Pressing the F4 function key and tabbing to the Received field, or

Click in the Received field.

2.Enter the quantity supplied from your vendor.


If the stock you have received requires serial numbers on purchase, Jim2 will automatically prompt you to enter the serial numbers as you move off the Received field.


serial number warning


Once you click OK, the Serial Number entry screen will appear.

3.Enter the Vend Inv Date (required) and change the Status to Received.


In this case, the Vend Inv Date actually refers to the received date of the stock.

4.Once you have received the invoice, enter the Vend Inv#, change the Vend Inv Date to match the vendor invoice and Finish the PO.

PO confirm total

3.A message will appear, asking you to confirm whether the total figures in this purchase order match the vendor invoice. This feature is extremely useful when vendors calculate tax amounts differently, for example at line level or overall.


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