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Record One Invoice Number on Multiple Purchase Orders

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As a supplier may provide one invoice number for multiple purchase orders (POs), Jim2 allows the entry of the same invoice number on multiple POs. Each PO will then be displayed in the Creditors area as an individual entry, displaying the Vendor invoice number.


Two important things to consider:

1.The total dollar value of the POs using the same invoice number need to equal the total of the invoice.

2.When paying the Vendor invoice via Creditors, it needs to be considered as one invoice even though there are multiple line entries.


After adding the one invoice to multiple POs, ensure the POs are on Received status, then create a list of Received POs, using the Vend Inv # field as a filter.


multiple po on one invoice


Click Show Total at the bottom of the list to display the total of the list and compare it to the invoice total. If the amounts differ, edit the POs and review. Once the totals match, finish each PO.


show total


When reviewing the Creditor Account, use Change Filter to select the Vend Inv #, and Jim2 will display only the transactions associated with that invoice number.


change filter button


inv for multiple pos


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