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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

The following tabs within a Purchase Order form access the following relevant information for that purchase order:        


po v expenses

PO tab will bring up the Comment and stock grids where users record their relevant comments to the purchase order record, and record stock to be supplied by the vendor. When opening any purchase order, this is the active tab.

expenses v po

Expenses tab (on purchase orders only) will show any expenses applied to this purchase order at the rate for the stock line selected. See Link Expenses to Purchase Order for more detailed information.


The following features are located as buttons within a purchase or expense order form.


Button - Cancel

If editing, Cancel will ignore all changes made and leave the order in view mode. If adding, Cancel will attempt to abort adding this order and pop a warning to screen asking if cancelling is correct. The next order added will be allocated the same unique order number if it is still available. Because other users may be adding purchase or expense orders at the same time this order was created, the sequence of order numbers may be interrupted by a Cancel. In this instance, it is an automated feature of Jim2 to create an empty purchase or expense order with the status of Cancel.

Button - Save

All edits represent a change to the information in the purchase or expense order form. By selecting Save, all changes made in that session of editing the order will be saved and the order will remain in the Nav Tree.

Button - Save & Close

By selecting Save & Close, all changes made in that session of editing the order will be saved, and the order itself will be closed from view and from the Nav Tree.

Button - Edit (Plain)

By selecting Edit, make changes on the purchase or expense order form.


Button - Close

By selecting Close ,the current purchase or expense order form will close and be removed from the Nav Tree.


Button - Create Similar

This feature allows creating of purchase orders with duplicate information on certain fields from the order that is currently on screen.


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