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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Below are the steps to insert a logo on your sticker:

Your logo must be no bigger than 36mm x 6mm at 300dpi, and must be RGB. To ensure it prints well, the logo should be created at this size/resolution to begin with (do not resize).

Go to Tools > Report Designer > Jobs > Job Sticker (Default).

Select Copy from Existing on the ribbon. Rename it and click OK.

add logo to sticker report

Double click on the copy you just created.


It's important to not delete fields/objects within reports – simply select the field, right mouse-click and untick Visible or colour the information white.


untick visible

Click in the box where you want to place your logo.

Right click and select Picture. Find your logo and select.

logo on job sticker


Select Preview to view the sticker as you may need to make adjustments.


logo on sticker1


Further information:


For more detailed information regarding Report Designer please refer to (copy and paste into a web browser).