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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Reports can be flagged as Signable, meaning the report can be executed server-side and be displayed to the user via Jim2 Mobile for signing.


The report is then regenerated with an image of the signature embedded, and saved as a signed document against the related Jim2 object (job, quote etc.).



System reports should never be modified – make a copy of the existing system report and make changes to that copy. This ensures that reports don't become broken during upgrades. A warning will pop to screen that system reports cannot be edited.


report cannot edit


User cardfiles can include the user’s signature as an image, which can be used in signed reports. The signature is made available to the report via the report’s JimSystem data pipeline at point of document generation.


signature on CF


Signature related report fields available:


Data Pipeline

Data Field

Related report component





Scanned image of customer/user signature.




Date and time that customer/user signed. Set display format as required. For example: dd mmm yyyy h:mm AM/PM




Name of customer/user at point of signing.




Signature of Jim2 logged user at point of signing. This is a scanned image of the user's signature saved as a document and linked to the user's cardfile. File type should be an RGB and .PNG. Document usage type should be Signature.


signed doc




Name of Jim2 logged user at point of signing.


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For more detailed information regarding Report Designer please refer to (copy and paste into a web browser).