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Purchases/Expenses Status

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The statuses that have been set up to apply to purchase orders signal the need to perform an action within the workflow. The responsibility to perform that action is monitored in real time. A change of status by a user signals the need for a new action, then passes responsibility to perform that action along the workflow. Jim2 records time/date/initial data on status changes for productivity reports, and to keep a secure quality record for each purchase order.



Using Jim2 purchase order statuses, monitor how successfully procedures or users perform.


When a user changes the status of the purchase order, Jim2 will automatically prompt the user for a comment by placing a new line in the Comment grid of the purchase order.



Creating a purchase order list by Status will provide an accurate record of overall purchases in progress. By choosing specific search criteria for the purchase order list, monitor vendor, user and stock trends (active and historic).


The following statuses are available to map workflow for purchase orders. Others can be added in the Setup defaults:





This is the default status applied to a purchase order when first added. All purchases begin with this status.


This status signals that the purchase order has been cancelled.


This status signals that the purchase order is finished. Once finished, it will create a general ledger transaction to update the general ledger accounts, stock and creditors.


This status signals that the stock has been ordered. Once status is set to ordered, the quantities will show in the Stock On Hand tab of the stock record in the On Order field.


This status is used when the stock has been received and the quantities need to move across to the stock record, but at this stage the vendor's invoice with the final pricing may not have been received. This status allows selling the stock before the purchase order is finalised. The value of the purchase order will be placed into the general ledger in purchase orders on Received and Temp Creditors on Received until the purchase order is finished. Once the purchase order is updated and finished, the previous entry is reversed and the correct entry posted.



Within the stock record Buying tab, the Received field will show the purchase order status up to the point of marking the purchase order as Received and/or Finish. At this point it will put the received date in red and, once finished, show the Finish date in black.


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