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Applies Stock

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Applies stock relates to tests, checks etc on, say, a service Item, workflow related Applies stock, such as credit checks, insurance required, etc.


Applies stock can be used to manage specific tasks when dealing with specific products. This is particularly relevant when dealing with OEM’s where engineering change orders can apply to specific products.


Another application for Applies stock could be using something like courier to remind staff to book or charge for freight on warranty/non-warranty work.


Because Applies stock can be flagged as Yes/No, performed/Checked, it is handy in the service environment to use an Applies Stock of Minimum Labour Charge to ensure that at least an attempt is made to recover this charge.


Similarly, an Applies stock of VIRUS.CHECK could be used to ensure everything requiring this can have it performed as a matter of course when first entering the service cycle.


applies stock

Applies stock


When using Applies stock in a job and trying to set the job to Ready at the time of finishing the job, the Applies stock will pop up a warning if its status hasn't been changed from Applies. This must be performed before invoicing the job.


applies stock check


Choose the appropriate status (ie. performed) from the dropdown list to be able to finish and invoice the job:


applies stock done


Applies stock (any stock actually) can be flagged to Hide on Invoice. It will show on the job form, but will not bring across into the invoice detail.


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